Support for SMS-box temperature monitor and alarm.
(no longer produced) 

What is the connection sequence for the PT100 inputs:

Brown +
White –

System – Diagnosis, does not see MASTER unit.

Unit name incorrectly spelled, may not contain any spaces or punctuation marks.
incorrect: ‘ SMS-box 1’
correct ‘ SMSbox1 ‘

Measurement value not stable, wobbles a few degrees.

Unit is sensitive to poor EARTHING.
Use protected power and sensor cables, and connect earth of 230V well.

Unit1 is good, Unit2 does not work.

a. Forgot to execute menu ‘Read in data’ after logging in. As a result data from box1 programmed in box2. Program after all remembers data from the last reading out!
b. Incorrect name (with spaces) set; set back to for example ‘SMSbox2′.
c. Waited too long with logging in -must be done within 15 sec.- results in incorrect communication.
Unit started again, within 15 sec. logged in, name changed, set back setting manually to box2.

How can you give your measurement value in an SMS message?

Use the button ‘Insert Analogue value’ when formulating the message.
See also HELP, enter Messages.

how can you give the text ‘High alarm’ or ‘ Low alarm’ in the alarm message?

Enter a message. For High or Low notification simply create two messages with the relevant alarm limits High or Low. See also HELP, enter Messages.

how can you remotely reset an alarm?
Call by telephone and enter #pincode#.
See also HELP, confirming alarm.

how can I view the settings without changing them?

On computer select:
-PC log in
-Read in Data
and then view the data in the various windows.
Do NOT press the Program button!

what do the LEDs of the modem mean?
DTR: Data terminal ready, modem switched on
DCD: Data Carrier Detect, connection with the SMS central set up. Approx. 1 min. on when sending SMS.
RX: Receive data, flashes briefly when receiving data
TX: Transmit data, flashes briefly when sending data.

-installation package reading out software v2.10

-manual SMS-box

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