Eurotherm Nanodac



High-quality Eurotherm compact 4-channel data logger with trending display of the measurement signals on the full-colour VGA display and unique auto-tune function for a most optimal regulation in only a few steps (optional). Suitable for panel installation, adjustable for many customer-specific measurement ranges.


The Eurotherm nanodac™ recorder/regulator offers you the very best in graphic data recording combined with PID control in a small housing. The compact unit has 4 inputs for data recording and PID regulation with a full colour display which allows a crystal-clear operator interface even with the smallest of machines.

  • Crystal-clear full colour 3.5” TFT display.
  • 4 accurate and universal input channels for e.g. PT100, thermocouple, current and voltage signals.
  • Large 50 MB flash memory for data recording.
  • Measurement and recording speed max. 8 Hz (125 msec).
  • Data transfer via USB memory or via Ethernet/FTP connection.
  • Secured, closed binary files (UHH) or open (CSV) files for export to e.g. Excel.
  • 30 software channels that can be used for e.g. mathematical functions, communication, totalisators or counting functions.
  • Choice out of a wide configuration for visualization of the process values on the display, including horizontal and vertical graphs; horizontal and vertical histograms; numerical; alarm status and control circuits.
  • User wiring on the instrument itself, whereby detailed configurations can be created without PC.
  • PID regulation:
  • The nanodac can also take care of two independent control circuits (optional). This function makes use of Eurotherm’s advanced PID algorithm which ensures for a good performance and reliability of your process. The functionality comprises one of the best autotune functions combined with preventing cutbacks; compensation for power fluctuations by use of power feed forward, linear, ventilator, oil and water cooling. Autotune can be applied at any time, but normally it is used once in order to optimize the process whilst the process is being put into operation. The algorithm of the autotune can respond in various ways depending on the conditions within the process and can save you a lot of time during the optimization and putting into operation of your production process.

  • Reading out software:
  • Review software for automatically saving data in a Review database via the Ethernet network. Via a server this can make data available for several users for reading out and printing. Both Review and Dream Report™ software (optional) can be used for generating reports that you need for the process.

  • Programmer:
  • Heat treatment is one of the many processes whereby a changing setpoint is often needed within a particular period. This can be realised by using a setpoint programme. The nanodac offers an optional dual programmer which supports up to 100 local programmes, whereby each programme supports 25 segments. The nanodac also provides remote access to 200 extra programmes that can be easily found by using FTP or a USB memory card.

  • Setpoint programme editor:
  • Simple setting of your setpoint profiles with the possibility of saving, finding and downloading programme files. The setpoint programme editor of iTools provides a simple way to configure setpoint profiles and programme event outputs. Programmes can be edited live – online with the regulator, or offline, and can be downloaded after the editing or are saved in the profile. The saved number of profiles is limited only by the available disc space on the PC.

Types Nanodac: Eurotherm nanodac data logger.
Description Eurotherm universal nanodac data logger with 4 adjustable analogue measurement channels and 2 digital inputs. Standard with 1 Logic output and 2 Relay outputs. Optional extra outputs are possible.
Possible applications
  • Industrial applications.
  • Process control.
  • Shipping.
  • Machine building.
  • Foodstuffs industry.
  • Legionella monitoring systems.
  • Building management systems.
Measurement system Available universal configurable on installation, or pre-programmed: PT100 – IEC60751, Thermocouple J or K, Voltage, Current.
Measurement range Free configurable.
Outputs Standard 1 Logic output, 2 Relay output. Optional: extra relay contacts, logic outputs, retransmission signal (voltage/current output corresponding to input value). Ask our sales department about the possible configurations.
Power Supply voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, max.9W. Optional in 24V version.
Accuracy ± 1% FSR
IP-norm Front plate IP65, housing (behind installed panel) IP10.
Dimensions Panel installation 92x92mm, installation depth approx. 95 mm.
Options (for supplement)
  • Low-voltage supply voltage 24 VDC or 24VAC.
  • Extra Digital Logic outputs (max 2).
  • Extra Relay outputs (max 4).
  • DC-output (max 3), e.g. for retransmission signal.
  • Setting nanodac according to your specifications, desired parameters and functions, you will receive a completely set and immediately ready to use unit. We keep the configuration files, so later units can be configured simply using the exact same settings.

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The delivery of standard types from stocks and customer-specific versions can be within a few days. In view of the large number of versions and options for orders you can contact our sales department tel. +31 50-501 37 45 or by email: