Support for Regie-40 hand-held data logger, portable recording system.
(no longer produced)

The printing of a graph constantly stops with error message.

In the event of a SENSOR-ERROR messages in graph (see the SE line under the measurement value graph) the printing of graphs is blocked.
This message can arise with:
a. Defective sensor or incorrectly connected.
b. No measurement signal is connected to the input.
First resolve these Sensor-Error messages through:

a. Replace defective sensors or connect properly
b. Set unconnected inputs to function OFF in window REGIE-40 – Change Parameters.

Then delete the Regie-40 and start up a new measurement period.
The data can now be printed out, if there are no longer any Sensor Error messages.
Comments: the data can however be requested in the Table display. 


-installation package read out software v1.62NL

-read out/setting software manual v1.62NL

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