TRM4100 Programmable transmitter

TRM 4116d

Programmable transmitter for the conversion of PT100, TC, V, mA, R or potentiometer inputs to current, voltage or 2x relais uitout. Suitable for mounting on a DIN-rail.


The transmitter of the series TRM4100 is easily to configure and is provided with a dismountable front display. After installation the display can serve to view the process values and it gives you the entrance to sophisticated alarm settings, 2 point process calibration and sensor failures. The display has a “memory” function to set easily equal multiple transmitters. There is a fourfold galvanic separation (2.3kVAC) between the power, the ralais and the analog in- and output. The transmitters are suitable for SIL1/SIL2 applications. Suitable for mounting on a  DIN-rail in for example enclosures.

  • TRM4114: transmitter with: 0/4..20mA output, 0/0,2…1; 0/1…5; 0/2…10VDC output
  • TRM4116: transmitter with: 2x relais 250VRMS/2A, 0/4..20mA output, 0/0,2…1; 0/1…5; 0/2…10VDC output
  • TRM4501: Dismountabel display / programmable front. Communication interface to set the operational parameters of the 4114 and the 4116. Can be exchanged between mutiple transmitters.
Description Programmable transmitter for the converion of different measurement inputs to current, voltage and 2 relais outputs.
Possible applications
  • All industrial applications
  • Mechanical engineering and production of panels
Measurement system PT100, TC, V, 0/4…20mA, R lineair and potentionmeter
Measurement range 0/4..20mA, 0/0,2…1; 0/1…5; 0/2…10VDC
  • TRM4114: 0/4..20mA, 0/0,2…1; 0/1…5; 0/2…10VDC
  • TRM4116: 2x relais 250VRMS/2A, 0/4..20mA, 0/0,2…1; 0/1…5; 0/2…10VDC 
Power Wide-range: 24-230Vac/Vdc
Accuracy   ± 0,1°C
IP-norm  IP20
Dimensions 109 x 23.5 x 104 mm (109 x 23.5 x 116mm with TRM4501)

• Brochure
• Manual TRM4114 (English)
Manual TRM4116 (English)


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